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The Mokaverse is a virtual ecosystem that aims to connect and unite users and web3 infrastructures, a metaverse where the user can interact with the world of art and its users, but also with all the other web3 realities.

Furthermore, the ecosystem is interconnected via the Mokart token

Own, Create, Play, Govern, Earn

Mokart Token

Token and NFTs

The Mokart token is the coin that powers the Mokaverse, creating direct interactions between community users and without intermediaries between exchanges. It mainly acts as an economic system for the Mokaverse, but also has other types of uses, including (DAO) governance.

Mokaverse NFTs can be user creations traded on the Mokart marketplace, for example an artist could generate income by selling their NFT works, or a creator could do the same by selling avatar wearables and complete experiences for land, but the Mokaverse NFTs are also utility NFTs, NFTs that maintain their uniqueness allowing owners to benefit from specific advantages in the short and long term, maintaining their value.

Some examples of the benefits are: voting, rewards and access to exclusive events, access to presales, earn.

Mokart game illustration


Mokart's story-game will be an interactive experience, a story will be developed where the protagonists will be museum figures, and as the story-game progresses, AR or VR events will be organized to offer the user the opportunity to immerse them selves in the inside the story-game as if it were the figures it owns.

In addition to events and immersive experiences, during the course of the story-game the community, through voting, will influence the figure's path within the story-game.

There will be various types of stories and multiple paths to choose with completely unpredictable and different endings.

Once a story in the game is finished, the community will be able to vote to decide how the next game's story will begin.

Mokart Marketplace
Land 3D

Land experience

& marketplace

Mokart will help users enter the metaverse and project their experiences into the future, supporting them in creating environments that they can use to host their events, organize meetings and private events, create their own art gallery, the limit is only their imagination.

The created environment will be owned by the user and can be traded as an NFT on the Mokart marketplace.

coming soon

For more information on the mokaverse, utility nft, token and story-game, see the White Paper

A quick look at the roadmap
For the complete roadmap see the white paper

Roadmap Mokart
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